The Oil and Gas Industry Forum is facilitated by the U.S. and Chinese governments. On the U.S. side, implementation is led by the Department of Energy in conjunction with the Department of Commerce, while China's effort is coordinated by its National Energy Administration. The Forum draws membership from the government and industry of both countries and meets to address issues of common interest. A steering group helps to organize the meetings. Agendas and proceedings from FORUM meetings are available on this website. The range of topics discussed in Forum meetings includes but is not limited to:

  • Governmental policies that relate to the oil and gas industry;
  • Means of increasing the use of U.S. oil and gas technology in China;
  • Means of increasing U.S. industry participation in Chinese oil and gas development and markets;
  • Projections of national and global petroleum demand and supply; and
  • Discussion of the organization and conduct of the Forum.
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